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Everything you need for Measurements, Quoting and Selling on your website

Generate measurements in seconds from desktop or mobile.

Choose from Standard imagery or High Definition imagery (for brand new houses, developments, fast growing areas)

Our software will instantly generate pricing for your services based on your pricing tables. Easily send quotes to your clients while on the phone or from your device in the field.

Add the zipcodes that you service or draw custom service areas. Easily add surcharges or offer unique services per area. Know the number of properties in each region.

How your customers can buy with deep lawn

Visit your website

With Deep Lawn's widget is on your website, your customers can search their address

Review lawn measurement

Your customers can review the automated lawn measurement and make adjustments

Pick and choose services and packages

Your customers can view pricing for all of your services & packages specific to their lawn and select what they want to purchase.

Checkout and Pay

Your customers can review their purchase, enter their information, and pay, It's that easy!


Our software is built on world-class data.

Our data includes:

Lawn Square Footage

Lot Square Footage

Driveway Square Footage

Sidewalk Square Footage

House Square Footage

House Perimeter

More Coming Soon!

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Frequently asked questions

    • What is deep lawn?

      Deep Lawn enables lawn care and landscaping companies to sell their services online in less than one minute by combining machine learning, geospatial data, and payment processing into an all-in-one e-commerce tool.

    • Who is deep lawn for?

      Deep lawn is for care, landscaping, pest control and other outdoor service companies.

    • How easy is deep lawn to set up?

      Deep Lawn sign up and integration take less than two hours. Your company could begin automatically estimating your customers lawns and receiving payments through deeplawn later today.

    • How much does deep lawn cost?

      Deep Lawn begins at $40 a month for smaller companies because you only pay for what you use. The largest companies can go to $500 and more.

    • How easy is it to set up deep lawn’s e-commerce tool on my website?

      Simple and easy. We have tutorial videos to walk you through the step-by-step process and a live and local customer service team to answer any questions real time.

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